Activities at Shot Cottage

Shot Cottage is ideally situated to explore the nearby reefs, forests, villages and beaches. In every direction there is warm, clear blue water, fringed by white sand beaches.

The coral reefs at the house, and especially at the nearby Nosy Tanikley Marine Reserve, are world class and make for safe and easy snorkelling. The gin clear water allows regular sightings of dolphins, turtles and many brightly coloured reef fish.

The endemic Black Lemurs, originally found only on Nosy Komba can be visited by boat or on foot. There is small Lemur Park on Nosy Be, and it can be rewarding to see many other Lemurs, Chameleons and other Malagasy wildlife.

The surrounding ocean, especially the Mitsio Archipelago and the seas around Nosy Iranja, abound with a plethora of game fish - exciting even for the most experienced fisherman and spear-fisherman! For the serious fisherman, targeting the large open water pelagics like marlin and sailfish, there are fully crewed specialist fishing boats that can be charted from Nosy Be.

Scuba diving is also offered by operators on Nosy Be, and can be extremely rewarding.

The local villages and markets provide an insight into the fascinating culture of Madagascar. A visit to the local handicraft market on Nosy Komba is well worth a visit.

For photographers this is a mecca of wonderful opportunities. The beaches, forests and blue water provide the backdrop to some wonderful subjects. It seems everywhere you point your lens - there is potential for a great shot! The traditional dhows are ever present, sailing up and down the nearby coastline. There are also many local fishermen, aboard their small pirogues. The hustle and bustle of the markets on Nosy Be. Amazing sunrise and sunset pictures. The incredible wildlife…..the list is endless!

Walks and hikes on Nosy Komba offer a chance to stretch your legs and explore. Passing fields of vanilla and tropical fruits you can head for the top of Nosy Komba, the highest point of the entire area, to enjoy incredible views of the ocean and islands around Nosy Be.