The Staff at Shot Cottage

The friendly local staff have all been with us for many years. Most of them were involved in building Shot Cottage.
All are experienced spear-fisherman and anglers, and are a pleasure to have on the boats for these excursions.

Jimmy is the manager and will co-ordinate your entire holiday at Shot Cottage. From airstrip transfers, to shopping for the kitchen, to organising all your activities, he is the man!

Jean-Robert is our resident maintenance man and spear fishing expert. Angeline, his wife, is the housekeeper. Valondia is in charge of the gardens. Jean-Pierre is a jack-of-all-trades and is always keen to help out wherever he can. We employ 2 chefs on a part time basis, both well trained and on hand to deliver tasty meals. Jocelyn, our night guard, will appear every sunset.